The Last of us
The Last of us
The Last of us
The Last of us
The Last of us

Matthew Cappuccilli

BORN: March 2, 1963, in Glendora, California

RESIDENCE: Carlsbad, California since 1985

SURFING/OCEAN: 1976 to Present – I started at age 13. I would have to say my life, jobs and every other aspect of my life revolved around the ocean and surfing. The jobs I’ve had paid for my expenses and allowed me to have the access key to the ocean Monday through Friday, while others were at school or work. I have made the ocean lifestyle a priority from age 7 till present.

1978 to present I started playing the drums at age 15. My first band at age 16. Over all, I’ve played in 12 different and various projects. I have performed in various clubs, casinos, churches and of course the good ol’ back yard parties in the early days. I have taught drums privately part time on and off for many years.

In 1970 at the age of 7, I started skateboarding and I’m still skateboarding till this day. One of my all time faves is the mountains. I started skiing at age 16 and switched to snowboarding in 1998.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Most of my life, I have taken snapshots, like everyone else. In 2012, I became serious, elevating my game from snapshots to Photography. About ninety-five percent of the images you see here were taken with intermediate gear, a kit lens and a third party zoom lens. I sincerely feel like I’m a rookie, looking forward to learning more and taking it to the next level. I’m really looking forward to the future.

FAMILY/FRIENDS: I’ve been Blessed with the greatest family and friends a person could ask for. If I elaborate, you would be reading two dozen paragraphs.

My wife’s cooking and baking. Italian, Mexican, Spicy foods, barbecues and potlucks with family and friends. The more Hors d’ oeuvre’s the BETTER.

MUSIC: Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Funk, The Blues, Big Band, Classical, Nawlins Dixieland jazz type and any variations of preferences. Bottom line, any music that moves me or especially grooves.

THINGS I ENJOY: The Ocean, Baja, Mountains, Desert, most anything outside especially where there’s water. I enjoy time with family and friends, upbeat, positive people. Kicking it at home, being around dogs and animals in their natural environment. I have been Blessed at the beach to spend time close to Pelicans, various birds and Dolphins. Even though it can be a fleeting moment, it’s just down right magic when it happens. Always enjoying ALL of God’s creation and creatures.

INSPIRATIONS: Anyone with any kind of passion, creativity and expressing themselves. It doesn’t matter age or material they are using, what matters is they are creating and
expressing from their heart and soul. When you see it you know it, it’s very cool and powerful. Nature with its infinite designs, lines and geometry. The endless energy of the ocean and its profound rhythm. Your life is an art form. Express yourself, be creative… that itself can be an inspiration to others.

Discipline, discipline discipline and being consistent, consistent consistent at anything you set out to do or enjoy. Making people smile and laugh. Keeping a positive attitude. We cannot change the hand we are dealt but we can change our attitude. Always giving thanks to God, his Spirit, and his Son Jesus Christ. Accident or Design? Hands down DESIGN. As far as my photography… just sharing the ocean and the world through my eyes… if I can move someone or get a person to use their imagination and get lost in one of my images, I’ve accomplished my goal and have done my job. Respect is something ‘earned — respect is the only thing you take to the grave.


Matthew Cappuccilli

In Loving Memory…

This website is dedicated to my Mom – Esther Cappuccilli